Tongue drum and the art of music

The HAPI Drum has been used with much success by licensed music therapists and their patients in many various ways. Some autistic children have had a really positive response to the drum. With no wrong notes to play and a soothing vibrational tone it's easy to interact with and luxuriate in . Smooth sides and a compact size make it easy to move.

What is a Tongue Drum?

The two main components of a Wooden Tongue Drum are the tongues, and therefore the box. The tongues produce the sound and melody, while the box enhances the quantity within it’s chamber creating an impact similar in some ways to the human larynx .

When you strike the tongue with a hand or mallet, a melodic sound resonates from the drum. The sound that you simply hear is produced entirely by the wood, and may be tuned to suite any melody or scale .


We strive to supply an instrument that's beautiful to both the attention and therefore the ear, but also something which will be played by almost anybody. Our Tongue Drums are tuned during a harmonic chorded fashion. this enables the beginner and therefore the professional to play the instrument with ease and make music with none previous experience. Because our wood tongue drums are presented with a comparatively modest number of notes compared to a piano or a guitar, they provide a really different musical experience and force the player to urge creative. Musicians an non musicians alike are drawn to the present instrument for several different reasons.

Standard Drums

We offer a choice on tone woods and boxwoods for your drum, which when selected show a visible preview to offer a thought of what the ultimate product will appear as if . A choice of ordinary tunings also is available for every of our tongue drum and may be previewed within the videos shown within the drum category. to look at our standard range of tung drums click here.

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