Aquagym exercises to lose weight

If the resolution to be taken at the beginning of the year has been focused on a refinement of the silhouette, the most effective methods will have to be studied to have lasting results. Often, fitness centers offer aquaerobics, an ideal sport that is recommended in spa Jacuzzis.

Sculpt the legs and hips with refinement

The movements made for the refinement of the legs will have to be made in small depth. While keeping the but on the edge of the pool and a straight back, the leg will be lifted laterally and large circles will be made fifteen times with the right leg and fifteen times with the left leg, each time in one direction and in the other.

The same leg movements will be done but forward, back and side to have dream hips.

Results on abs, glutes and hip muscles and breeches

Lie on your back on the surface of the water and take a board that you will hold at arm's length. Perform leg kicks while keeping your head in line with the body. Then chain on the back of the lengths.

Always in shallow depth and keeping your hands on the edge of the pool, you must lift one leg back and keep it taut. Fifteen movements will be performed with each leg.

The breeches are also reduced by holding onto the bars of the ladder and pedaling for about fifteen minutes at each session.
Position yourself at a point in the pelvis where the water reaches your chest. Stand at the edge of the pelvis with one hand, making sure to keep your back straight. Raise your leg sideways and rest it gently. Your hips and upper thighs will also work.

To be able to obtain results on the size, the movements will have to be carried out in a place of the basin where the water will reach the level of the chest. One hand will rest on the edge of the pelvis and the back will be kept straight. By lifting the leg sideways in a regular and repeated manner, the waist and thigh muscles will work at the same time.

However, you should never neglect a balanced diet with sports activity.

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