Spa bath, the price to be expected

The spa bath, which is a compromise between a classic spa and a bathtub, offers relaxation at all prices and for all budgets. In addition, it does not require a lot of maintenance like with spa filtration which is a bit complex. But what is the budget to plan for its purchase?

At what price can we have a spa bath?

Manufacturers offer whirlpool tubs for all budgets, which explains the development of the market in this area. Those on a tight budget can enjoy the benefits of hydro massage with only 700 euros and with an inexpensive entry-level whirlpool bathtub. On the other hand, mid-range products cost between 3000 and 5000 euros and for the acquisition of the latest cries, it takes between 6000 and 25000 euros.

The price according to the models

The prices depend on certain points, the main parameters of which are the size of the device, the power of the pump, the programs, the options and the material used.

Entry-level balneotherapy bathtubs are equipped with an air system and made of acrylics, unlike mid-range which are made of veneered wood or gelcoat and equipped with a water-air or air system. The high-end products are made of solid wood or glass and have a water-air and air system.

The price of the bathtub also changes depending on the programs it offers. The basic accessories are injectors, nozzles and various massage programs. You can choose between a dorsal hydrojet or Palpate Roller ramp if you can afford it. Some models also offer additional options to enhance your balneotherapy session: diffusion of essential oil odors in the air or in the water, for example.

In conclusion, the spa bath offers well-being whatever your budget. So, why not buy one to make it a way to bask in whenever you feel like doing it!

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