Health benefits of a jacuzzi or spa

The use of water for the treatment of illnesses and injuries has been known since ancient times. Water has a great capacity for transporting and transmitting thermal stimuli, in addition to maintaining uniform pressure on complex surfaces such as the human body. The beneficial effects of a spa are endless. Having a jacuzzi spa at home makes bathing the easy way, choosing between hot or cold water, which allows you to relax your muscles. As soon as the hydromassage jets are activated, the pressure of the water is directed towards the parts of the body that you wish to treat. The water and its temperature act directly on the blood circulation of different parts of the body and stimulate the nervous system, providing relief in cases of muscle discomfort; it helps fight anxiety and insomnia and flush out toxins. It is also very useful for topically treating bone and muscle damage. You just have to enter a jacuzzi, choose the most appropriate position for the spot treatment you want to receive, direct the jets if necessary and choose the right temperature and the right pressure to feel in a few minutes a great sensation of well-being and relaxation and to forget about muscle problems. A massage in a spa improves the quality of life by providing rewarding rest and relaxation, acting as an anti-stress and reducing fatigue. The body is like new.

Spa vs pool

When evaluating how to complement your home's garden or patio, doubts may arise about the pros and cons of installing a spa or swimming pool. Often, the swimming pool is chosen for cultural reasons, because this product is more standardized and considered more adequate and useful; although several points let us glimpse that a swimming pool is in fact a product with far fewer advantages compared to a spa.

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