The USA branded jacuzzi sale

Here you have a concentrate of Made in USA technology jacuzzi salejust for you and your relatives by now. One among the large advantages of the IBIZA 9ST spa is that it combines a really sizable amount of technologies and features designed together with your comfort in mind.

High performance spa

First of all, this high-end spa model is provided with a high-performance and responsive color touchscreen control screen, the Gecko K1001. This central console allows you to very easily manage the varied settings and parameters of your spa: water maintenance, programming of heating time ranges, desired temperature, activation of the varied nozzles, management of the on-board music system, etc.

Spa IBIZA 9ST: relax in your balneotherapy pool with many advantages

The 9ST model of IBIZA spas features a sizable amount of technologies at the service of your comfort, your well-being and your serenity. Everything has been designed to form it easier for you to use and maintain your spa, in order that you've got just one thing in mind: to relax!

The IBIZA 9ST spa is provided with 6 different sorts of massage nozzles:

Relaxing multi-massage: a really useful multi-jet within the event of muscle contractions and vascular pain problems, it helps relieve stress and sleep well, invigorating the body. Energizing massage: improves circulation and soothes muscle contractions because of its targeted action. Invigorating and invigorating massage: this massage jet acts thorough on the layers of tissue to make sure better blood circulation and to eliminate pain, they're invigorating jets that lightly drain and stimulate the body's metabolism

Draining massage

Draining massage jets are very useful within the treatment of various cellulites. The draining jets relax you but also act specifically on cellulite.

Deep relaxing massage

Adjustable jet to direct on the sensitive area to be massaged, it's ideal after sport to relax muscles, eliminate stress and convey you deep relaxation

Tonic massage

This pressure massage jet deeply massages the muscle cell and stimulates blood circulation, its ideal for relieving muscle stiffness and other heaviness.

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