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Need for electrical equipment, the solution is at One-Elec which has a wide choice of first quality industrial equipment. No more hassle of having the tool to meet your need. No need to import the missing part from the Americas to restart the machine. With One-Elec, you will be served beyond your expectations.

At One-Elec with specialists in electrical equipment

With ten years of know-how, One-Elec specializes in the marketing of low voltage Schneider electrical equipment. A specialization recognized across the European continent. If this is so, it is because the brand has increased its stock with 2,500 products available in stores for the industrial sector.

A variety of industrial equipment

It is to lose your head because the range of equipment in this house is diverse, wide and of first quality. Indeed, in the range of electrical equipment offered, there are wall fittings that will not spoil the aesthetics of the wall of your industry. This is the case with sockets with 3 stations for TV or internet connection, simple power sockets among others. In terms of circuit breakers, the house offers both modular circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers up to 1250-A. In other words, whether for residential, tertiary or industrial housing, the calibration of the circuit breakers is tailor-made in order to protect your installation from overvoltages. With LED brightness, the luminous beacons constantly illuminate your equipment with different colors. Easily transportable, the light beacons can be mounted in various ways. This facilitates its adaptation to all surfaces. A necessary tool in industrial equipment, One-Elec industrial sockets are distinguished by their inclined protective cover which provides better security during connections. Click here to find out which products are suitable for both a wall-mounted socket outlet and a semi-recessed socket socket.

Besides these equipments, we will also find other tools for its industry:

Vario switch disconnectors
Button boxes
Starters and drives
PRATIKA industrial sockets
Miniature relays and thermal relays

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