A photo album for the real moments in life

These recipes consist of a succession of small tricks that are very simple to implement to get a personalized photo album of high quality. Here are some of those observations. Today, we’re all gathering an impressive number of photos. Yet if they fill our hard disks, sorting them is easier, arranging them into cohesive thematic collections-books or albums. This will allow you to enjoy it more, and share it with our choice people. It is an activity that can take time if you are left to yourself, or if you don't have the requisite software on your own computer. That's why you'll find a lot of layout solutions here for getting the result you want quickly.

Your album should be organized around a theme, like a novel

Start by exploring your digital picture library and paper prints to choose which subject your book should illustrate. It is up to you to decide whether to tell the story of a family character in images or to collect the highlights of an important event. Last summer's big wedding, the birth of little Ange, or Mikel's touching retirement bowl, your favorite colleague on the desk. You can also take a photo portrait of your favorite region, report on a trip to Barcelona, Only your imagination and desires will guide your theme choice. But choose one; otherwise the result may be unconvincing!

New current

It's time to change the colors of a too dark or a little over-exposed picture. Balance the colors to attenuate the powerful blue that doesn't go to Cousin Jack's complexion. Crop this shot to concentrate more time on the new baby tooth. Get help from the young "geek" around you if necessary. He spends a little too much time on his game console. His mastery of graphics applications such as Photoshop would definitely save you precious time making your photo album.